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Augustinian Values Abroad

Augustinian Values Abroad
We go out and engage the world with the same Augustinian values that bind our college community together in scholarship and service. We aim to live into the wholehearted pursuit of knowledge, holding ourselves---wherever we may be--to the highest intellectual and ethical standards.
Believing that knowledge grows into wisdom when we recognize the limits of reason and of our individual perspectives (whether national, cultural, or personal), we commit to the task of learning humbly from other cultures and peoples, recognizing that we are bound to people and places around the globe as community.
We recognize the necessity of contemplation and reflection for real understanding and are committed to nurturing the intellectual life in ourselves and others. We go abroad not only to be challenged by new ideas and ways of doing things, but also to strengthen an ethical vision of how we may engage our globe, not as consumers, but as community. We go with a desire not to impose, but to thoughtfully critique social structures (including our own) in the light of justice and peace.
Our goal is that through this temporal ‘pilgrimage’ abroad—whether for a semester or a matter of weeks—we may deepen our commitment to a lifelong pursuit of truth and understanding. And, thus we commit ourselves to expanding our understanding of the human experience by scholarly engagement other countries and cultures as humble seekers of knowledge.