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Short-Term Courses and Programs

banner2019-2020 Merrimack Faculty-Led Courses

Spring 2020 Courses with On-Site Component
BIO3090 Global Field Studies Program: Hawaiian Ecology, Culture, and Economy
Faculty: Azam Noori
Spring Semester & May-June On-Site: Oahu, Hawaii
Course Fulfills: Experiential Learning (X); 3000-level upper elective courses for B.S. and B.A in Biology,
MGT3375 Doing Business in Emerging Markets Course With An Embedded Trip To Thailand
Faculty: Valerie Bell
Spring Semester & May-June On-Site: Bangkok, THAILAND
Course Fulfills: Experiential Learning (X)

HED5859Higher Education Policy and Practice in Ireland  (Graduate)
Faculty: Elaine Ward
Spring-Break On-site: in Dublin and Galway IRELAND

PHL3650: Aesthetics: Philosophies of Art and Beauty in Italy
Faculty:  William Wians
Spring Semester & May-June On-Site: On-Site: Florence, Rome, ITALY
Course Fulfills: Ethics (E), Experiential Learning (X)

RTS2450 Pellegrinaggio in Italia
Faculty: Joseph T. Kelley
Spring Break On-Site: Cassago Brianza, Milan, Pavia, San Gimignano, Rome, Ostia Antica, ITALY
Course Fulfills: Arts & Literature (AL), Experiential Learning (X)

SOC3650 Crossing Borders: The Sociology of Immigration 
Faculty: Daniel Herda
Spring Semester & May-June On-Site: On-Site: Berlin, Hamburg, Wolfsburg, GERMANY
Course Fulfills: Cultural Diversity (D), Experiential Learning (X), Social Science (SOSC)
WGS3360 Fieldwork in the Southwest
Faculty: Mary Beth Salerno
Spring Semester & May-June On-Site: On-Site: New Mexico, Arizona
Course Fulfills: Cultural Diversity (D), Experiential Learning (X), Social Science (SOSC)
SUMMER INTENSIVE in NEPAL: Earthly Space and Divine Grace at the Top of the World
May-June, 2020
RTS1010 World Religions CEN4060 Geology
Faculty: Laurie Cozad Faculty: Joel Kuszmaul
Course Fulfills: RTS Course Fulfills: STEM
Participants take both courses for a total of 8 credits, fulfilling both RTS and STEM. Also satisfies the "Additional Science" requirement in the B.S. Civil Engineering curriculum.