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Photo Contest

bannerAnnouncement of 2017 Photo Contest!

The Office of Global Education invites alums of 2016-17 international programs to enter the Fall 2017 GEO Photo Contest. All students who participated in semester and short-term programs through the GEO as well as current international students (sophomores through seniors) are invited to submit photos for this year's contest.

As this year's contest takes place during Merrimack's Homecoming, we're taking "Making Home/Making Meaning" as our theme. Living abroad often redefines how we define home. Family? Place? A particular feeling or range of experiences? Sometimes we struggle to feel settled while abroad. Sometimes we are forced to re-imagine what's 'normal.' Many times we are presented with very different visions of what it means to belong and as we face the challenge of creating a life for ourselves in another country. Without a doubt, living abroad always presents us with opportunities to de-construct and re-construct what's important to us. The GEO invites you to submit photos and paragraphs that reflect your journey of making a home and making meaning during your time abroad.

To enter, Merrimack students who studied abroad 2016-17 and all international students attending Merrimack (any year) are invited to:
  1. Submit a 4x6 photograph (you can get these printed out by Mack Print)
  2. Email a JPG of the photograph to
  3. Include a paragraph explaining your photograph's relationship to the theme.
  4. Identify the program in which you participated and when, where the photo was taken. Also, please include your name and expected year of graduation.

Deadline for submissions: September 22, 2017.

Please note: If you're using a photo that you took on a phone rather than on a camera, you'll just want to make sure that your original pictures have not been compressed as compressed photos often do not print well. Thank you.