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Where Are My Grades?


I'm back from my semester abroad...Where are my grades?
If you are receiving transfer credit (e.g. courses taken through CAPA OR CIEE) it can sometimes take up to several months for your transcripts to reach Merrimack College. Your official transcript will be sent to the Office of Global Education for review, and then sent on to the Registrar's office with your
GEO Credit Transfer Agreement Form.docx. The Registrar's office will them process your grades onto your Merrimack transcript.

What happens to my official transcript?
An official transcript will be sent to Merrimack's Registrar's office for their records. Once it has been sent to Merrimack, it becomes the property of the college and cannot be given to you for personal use.

I'm applying to Graduate School and need my own official transcript, how do I get one?
You will need to contact your program provider (ie. CAPA or CIEE) to request a copy of your official transcript. If your program used a School of Record (SOR) to process your grades, you could also contact the SOR directly.