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Preparing to Go Abroad

Thinking about going global? PLAN EARLY! In addition to talking with your advisor, you'll want to do some cultural and travel research. Here is some basic information about the considerations of culture crossing as well as practicalities of travel. Both are important for your planning so that you make the most of your global education.

How will you engage our world?


UNESCO "Intercultural Competences"  provides an excellent discussion of what's required to navigate different cultures and why it matters.
Culture Crossing Guide provides basic information to start you off.
World Culture Encyclopedia provides links to different information on countries and cultural topics.
Cultural Stress & Adjustment provides you with guidance about what to look out for and actions to take.
Country & Culture Resources links to a variety of country information pages.
What’s up with culture? offers a series of modules for pre and post study abroad. The site isn’t high tech, but the information is very useful!
Tips for Ethical Travel Dr. Smith’s personal favorite is Tip 7. Go ye and do likewise! 


PRACTICAL RESOURCES - Travel, Money, Prep, and Packing

Traveler’s Checklist Wondering where to start? Wonder no more. Start here!
CIA World fact book’s Country Profiles provides initial specifics on geography, population, economy, etc. 
Country-Specific Handbooks provides helpful information on your country.
Handling Money provides tips on $$$ from scholarships to ATMs.
HTH International Health Insurance provides information about the coverage students on SHORT-TERM programs will have through Merrimack while abroad
Tourist and Travel Info provides information from Budgeting to Time Zones.
STUDENTS ABROAD U.S. State Department's page on all kinds of important information on planning well and traveling wisely. 



CDC Travelers’ Health provides country-specific info about health issues, risks, immunizations, etc.
CyberSecurity Basics for Travelers: Download the doc for useful tips on keeping your data and tech safe!
Emotional & Mental Health provides guidance and things to watch for and proactive steps to take for good emotional health. A helpful read whether you struggle with something here or not: transitions are stressful.
General Traveler's Check-list provides a helpful planning checklist
Go Guide For WOMEN Travelers  provides helpful guidance and resources for female travelers.
Information for Woman Travelers  provides helpful tips for female travelers.
LGBTQ Travelers provides helpful tips and information for LGBTQ travelers
Health & Safety Tips provides all sorts of important information.
Prescriptions & Medicine Information Important information for traveler's on prescription medications.
STEP - Smart Traveler Enrollment Program Instructions for U.S. State’s travel registration program. ***Required of all Merrimack students.


Faith and Religion Abroad Diversity Abroad's site provides helpful questions to think through, and also how to connect with a community of faith.
Go Guide for LGBTI Travelers provides helpful guidance and resources for LGBTI students abroad. Not all countries protect the rights or have the same norms for LGBTI individuals. You want to inform yourself about the laws and cultural norms of the countries you're considering studying in.
Racial and Ethnic Minority Students Abroad Diversity Abroad's site provides helpful discussion of some of the realities that students encounter abroad along with suggestions for distinguishing between inept (but benign) curiosity and ill intent.
Race Abroad.pdf a helpful acclimatization guide for students of color looking at time abroad.
Transgender Travelers U.S. State's helpful info for trans passengers.