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Travel Registry

Merrimack College asks that all faculty and staff traveling on behalf of the the college please register their travel. Please read over the following to see if the travel registry applies to you. 

Faculty and Staff:
  • Are you going to an international academic conference?
  • Are you traveling to conduct international research?
  • Are you spending part of your sabbatical abroad?
  • Are you recruiting internationally for the Admissions Office?
  • Are you participating independently in a short-term NON-Merrimack academic program over the Summer or January Term?
  • Are you traveling with faculty or staff for international research or to attend a conference?
  • Are you participating in an international internship over the summer?
DO NOT USE IF you are participating in a GEO semester, faculty-led course, or service-learning through Campus Ministry

Please click on REGISTER YOUR TRAVEL to begin this process. Please use your MyMack username and password to log-in. (Do NOT use in the username!) Registration includes 3 parts:
  • Providing the dates and details (airlines, etc) of your travel
  • Filling out the CISI Insurance Form (please see below for information)
  • Signing off electronically on the required Release & Hold Harmless
N.B. The GEO asks that this registration be completed at least one week before your day of departure. Thank you!

CISI Insurance Information

Cultural Insurance Services International is Merrimack College's insurance provider for short-term travel related to the college. To read more about CISI Coverage download the Policy Brochure here. If you are participating on a semester program, your travel is arranged through your semester program provider and this information does not apply to you.
CISI coverage costs $40 per month (not pro-rated for shorter periods) and covers medical (per covered accident or sickness), emergency, medical reunion, repatriation, security evacuation, and includes trip delay as well. You can find the brochure of coverage here.
The Office of Global Education administers the registration of all faculty and some staff, and students traveling internationally in relationship to the work and mission of college.
Please note, do NOT complete this insurance registration form if:
  • You are a student traveling on a GEO Faculty-Led course. You will be registered with all participants in the course. If you have questions, email
  • You are a student or staff member traveling with a Campus Ministry service-learning trip. Nicole Benevenia handles your registration. Please contact her at:
  • You are a staff member in Admissions traveling for the department. Barbara Sullivan in Admissions handles your registration. Please contact her at:

The request for CISI insurance is part of the travel registry process. After you have complete this online travel registry and the included CISI insurance information, the GEO will submit the information to CISI. After the GEO has completed this process, you will receive a Welcome E-mail from ‘CISI Enrollments’ and the subject will be ‘CISI Materials’. This will include the following:
  • Participant ID Card
  • Consulate Letter
  • Brochure
  • Claim Form
  • Information on how-to create a myCISI log in
  • myCISI Student App (this app is for all participants, not just students)
  • Along with other helpful insurance information

Safety during Independent Travel:

We strongly recommend that you make use of the following resources for your own safety and security. Nearby Travel Clinics for vaccinations:
Lawrence General Hospital:  Occupational Health (Work Health/Travel Clinic) is located at the Marston Medical Center, 25 Marston Street, Suite 204, Lawrence, MA. 978-683-4000, Ext. 2343.
Clinic Hours by Appointment: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Travel Medicine & Vaccinations in North Andover: 129 Turnpike St., North Andover. 978-470-0800
Clinic Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.; Weekends 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.