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Academic Policies

  • In order for credits to transfer back from a GEO program abroad, students must earn a ‘C’ or better. For more information on MC's transfer policy, please click here.
  • Grades will be reflected upon the Merrimack transcript, but not calculated into the Merrimack GPA.
  • Course selections and courses must be approved before students leave Merrimack for their off-campus program. NEW GEO Course approval form.pdf

Student Life Policies

Whether on-campus or off, Merrimack students are expected to live by the College’s Community Standards.
Participation in Merrimack’s Global Education programs is a privilege, not a right. All Merrimack students applying to GEO programs whether short or semester-long are expected to abide by the same Community Standards abroad just as when they are on campus. The community standards can be found in the Merrimack College Student Handbook. They include all of the college’s policies and regulations, which all students should aim to follow. Violations of Merrimack's community standards, whether academic or behavioral, may have consequences for your eligibility for GEO programs.
Be aware that violations of Merrimack’s Community Standards after acceptance to your program may forfeit your right to participate in a GEO course. Violation of the College’s Community Standards in an off-campus course of study (whether short-term or semester-long) is grounds for dismissal from the program. Students who are dismissed from their program will return to the States at their own expense, risk loss of course credit for incomplete work, and will be subject to the student-conduct process.

If for medical or mental health reasons, a student’s participation in a program puts at risk either that student’s or other participants’ well being, or the course/program’s appropriate functioning, then Merrimack College reserves the right to withdraw a student whether before the program begins or after. All students should carefully read the Participation Agreement when applying.

For information on Mental and Physical Health, please see our Mental and Physical Health Information page under STUDENTS.

Cancellation Policy

Participants who wish to cancel must submit a request to cancel participation by emailing the Director of Global Education at including full name, the name of the program in which enrolled, and the reason for withdrawal.
Participants will continue to accrue non-recoverable costs based upon the chart below until official notification of withdrawal is received. 

Financial Obligation

Please read over the following carefully. By signing the Confirmation or Cancellation Policy to participate in your Merrimack program or course, you agree to the following:
A. Students who have confirmed participation in a SEMESTER program:Merrimack pays the non-refundable program deposit to CAPA/CIEE.  Any refundable deposits (e.g. refundable damage deposits) due to the semester program are the student’s responsibility. If a student withdraws after Merrimack has paid the non-refundable program deposit, the student will be responsible for that deposit amount along with any non-refundable costs charged by CAPA/CIEE.
B. Students who have confirmed participation in a FACULTY-LED course:The Office of Global Education reserved space in a course upon the receipt of the Confirmation or Cancellation Agreement. At that point, the GEO incurred certain non-recoverable costs, among these are the academic costs of the program, which are fixed and non-recoverable. Program costs may be recoverable depending upon the time of withdrawal. (Amounts due below are in addition to the non-refundable program deposit and fixed academic costs.)
Cancellation Period and Amounts Due for Faculty-Led Courses
Cancellation Period Amount Due
60 days or more prior to the program start date Full refund of recoverable costs (does not include program deposit, fixed costs, or non-recoverable costs)
45 -59 days $500— up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
30 days $1000—up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
15-20 days $1,750—up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
14 days or less before the start of the program date Full program fee
N.B. Non-recoverable costs include any costs paid out in advance for the running of the program which cannot be recovered at the time of a student’s withdrawal. N-R costs vary from program to program as well as being effected by proximity to program start.
Appeal for Refund
In extenuating circumstances, an Appeal for Refund may be appropriate. The
Cancellation Appeal Policy details the process that you should follow if you believe that you should receive a refund that differs from the above-outlined process.