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Faculty & Advisors

Students often comment on the role their advisor played in a decision to study abroad. The guidance provided by advisors is crucial to encouraging and helping students think through the importance of global education for their studies. We in the Office of Global Education are grateful for your partnership in helping Merrimack students discover and explore these opportunities.

We also recognize that navigating program options and course selections with your advisees can be confusing. So, here are some resources to help you.
We are the office responsible for both semester long and short-term (faculty-led) programs. In addition to working to provide academic departments with programs that address the needs and requirements of their majors, we also work to prepare students for the cross-cultural issues that they will encounter and the security risks which we hope they won’t.  
Here’s the process your advisees go through for semester programs:
  • Students fill out an online application (personal information; essays; written references from a faculty member and a Student Affairs staff member)
  • Student have an In-Person interview with a member of the GEO
  • The GEO communicates decisions on applicants together with the amounts of their Merrimack scholarships for the semester abroad
  • GEO holds a mandatory Pre-departure session
  • GEO holds a mandatory Safety & Security session
  • When students return the following semester, they are strongly encouraged to attend a Re-Entry session.
If you’d like to see this semester’s specific timeline with dates go to the TIMELINES AND DEADLINES tab under STUDENTS left.

If your advisee comes in wanting to discuss a semester program, here are a few items you may wish to discuss:
  • How does this program serve the student's progress toward degree completion (i.e. especially major &/or minor requirements, and then general education, or elective)?
  • How might the timing of their global semester impact upon the courses that the student needs to progress toward degree completion?
  • Which semester of the Junior (or even Senior year) is better for their on-campus requirements?  
  • How can your advisee plan for her/his return to Merrimack? Are there courses and requirements for which s/he should be planning now?
  • Should your advisee be considering an internship for her/his global program? What steps does the student need to go through for that internship to meet a major requirement for your department? 
We would ask that these conversations not begin with the question, “Where do you want to go?” We want students to participate in programs that serve your department’s goals for internationalizing the majors. We'd rather they didn't select a program because somebody's sister once had an “awesome” semester drinking espresso on the Amalfi coast. So, if your advisee comes in saying that s/he wants to go to a place because of koala bears, convenient travel, or a favorite food, we encourage you to challenge them to think more purposefully and professionally about this opportunity.

Here's a PDF of the best programs for each major to help you see some of the options for your students. GEOprogramcards.pdf

Most of the courses with our partner CAPA have already been run through the curriculum channels for approvals and equivalencies. However, we are just beginning that process with the 17 new CIEE programs. Please bear with us.

If you see a class that you think is a good fit for your department and want to begin the process on behalf of your students, here's the form to start that process.
NEW GEO Course approval form(1).pdf

If you ever have any questions about process, programs, please contact us. If you want one of the GEO staff to visit your class to talk about the opportunities for your majors, let us know.

Thank you!