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Ever considered what an international perspective might mean for your studies here at Merrimack? For your future?

Semester Programs

Global Semester programs enable students to pursue their major subject in a global context. Get an international perspective on your field as well as gaining the understanding and confidence that comes from learning in and about another culture.  Here are just a few examples:
Business Dublin offers a multitude of courses in hospitality alongside a wide array of courses in management and marketing. Shanghai provides the opportunity to develop your understanding of global supply chains and global workforce management. Berlin, Paris, Rome, or Cape Town each offer a Business track.
Communications Dublin has a variety of strong offerings from Sports Journalism to PR. Prague offers Film Studies (including production) as well as Communication, New Media and Journalism. London offers courses in Ethics in the Media, Advertising and Marketing in Britain, and Cultural Industries. Berlin, Paris, Rome, or Cape Town each offer a Communications and New Media track.

Engineering The University of Technology in Sydney, Australia offers courses in civil, electrical, ICT, and mechanical engineering. The University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates also has a full range of engineering courses.

Health Sciences University of Technology in Sydney offers course work in the health sciences. Majors interested in Sports Management can branch out and do the Sydney Semester program and take business courses in Sports Marketing, Sports Management along with an internship to fill out a Business minor. Global Institutes Berlin, Paris, Rome or Cape Town each offer a Health Sciences track.
Political Science London provides the opportunity to study European Government & Politics in London even as the UK navigates Brexit. The Global Institutes in Berlin, Paris, Rome, and Cape Town offer a Political Science & International Relations track.  Pre-Law students should consider the program in Brussels, Belgium. The Washington DC Semester offers internships on Capital Hill. Prague offers Central European Studies. Morocco, Tanzania, Chile, UAE, the list goes on.
Psychology London offers students the opportunity to study Child development in a British Context, Social Psychology in Sport. Santiago, Dominican Republic offers courses in Gender as do the Global Institutes in Paris and Rome, and Florence.
Sociology Buenos Aires offers courses like South American Societies, Culture and Identities alongside Methodology in Social Research and film courses on Cultural Identity and Multiculturalism. Sydney offers opportunities, as do Hyderbad, India.
Theatre London offers courses in Theatricality, Modern Acting, Shakespeare and London, and Writing a Play while also providing the opportunity to attend some of the best theatre and discuss acting with theatre professionals. Prague offers acting classes alongside courses on script analysis and film studies.
Looking for a semester to stretch yourself culture and go beyond the “usual suspects” like Italy, Australia and the UK? Merrimack offers semester programs around the globe. Go to the Semester Programs Page to see the full list. OR click here for a list of the best programs for each major

Faculty-Led Short-Term Programs:

Not sure is a semester abroad is for you? Want to explore a subject that might lay outside your major, but really interests you? Or do you want to get deeper into your major with one of your favorite professors? Faculty-led programs provide Merrimack students with just such opportunities.

Upcoming 2017-18 courses: