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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Programs
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Global Media: Emerging Culture and Information Industries in the Arab World Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Terms: Winter Intensive Description: [This course examines how emerging media capitals around the world are challenging U.S. dominance in film, tv, etc. By talking to media creators in the industry, and touring media production facilities in Dubai Media City, we combine theory and pract ice.][...]
Higher Education Policy and Practice in Ireland Cork, Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Galway, Ireland
Terms: Spring/Spring Break Description: [enables Grad Ed students to examine issues of practice and policy. Class visits 3-5 HE institutions in Ireland. Topics: national structure of HE and driving national policy; access and equity; community engagement; res life, etc.; compares HE policy [...]
Pellegrinaggio in Italia Rome, Italy; San Gimignano, Italy
Terms: Spring/Spring Break Description: [Explores the life of St Augustine and the origin of the Religious Order which bears his name. Class journeys to Italy to examine sites of importance in Augustine's life. Provides active, engaged learning through dialogue among a community of fri ends.[...]
Public Health Issues Abroad: Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland; Glasgow, Scotland
Terms: Spring/Spring Break Description: [Explores public health in the global context. Course examines public health issues and regulatory structures in context of Scottish culture. In-country students participate in public-health related service. Focuses on comparing and contrasting publi c[...]
Sociology of Immigration in Germany Berlin, Germany
Terms: Spring/Summer Description: [Analyzes all aspects of immigration through sociological lens. Begins by examining immigrants originating from all over with a primary focus on migration to the US and Western Europe as destination countries. Considers both historical and contempora ry[...]
Writing Through War to Peace: Images and Narratives of the Troubles and Beyond in Northern Ireland Belfast, United Kingdom; Derry, United Kingdom; Dublin, Ireland
Terms: Spring/Summer Description: [Introduces the images and narratives telling the story of a war-torn province slowly transforming itself into a thriving, peaceful community. Examines fiction, memoirs, diaries, historical accounts, and films. In Ireland, visit sites relevant to The [...]